Rolex Layaway

We offer layaway on most of our Rolex watches. General terms for placing a Rolex on layaway are 10% down, there is no interest or other charges if the item is paid in full within 3 months. If more time is required, finance charges apply. A finance charge equivalent to 6% of the remaining balance occurs at approximately 3 months. Another finance change equivalent to 11% of the remaining balance occurs at 11 months. The finance charges can be avoided by paying the balance in full before the finance charge occurs. There is no minimum monthly payment or schedule to follow but all layaway items must be paid in full within 12 months. In the event of cancellation or the layaway item exceeding 12 months, all payments less finance charges will be returned to the customer.

Our layaway excludes our never-worn selection, clearance and sale items. We realize every situation is unique and general terms to do not apply to all situations.