One of the most alluring reasons to purchase a pre-owned Rolex is the potential for customization. While new Rolexes offer a variety stylistic choices, that can only go so far. Sometimes Rolex owners want to push the concept of “luxury timepiece” to its limits, with diamond-studded bezels, diamond-studded dials, or even diamond-studded bracelets. Uniquely engraved or designed dials are a popular form of customization, with some presenting messages or patterns. Other customizations take a minimalist approach, such as a flat dial and bezel, or matte black finish.

The possibilities for customization are endless. However, customization also carries some risk: because Rolex does not offer official Rolex parts for customization, all customizations are performed with non-Rolex parts, which can potentially result in lesser-quality work. Diamond-studded bezels look great, unless the diamonds fall out. When it comes to having customization work performed, or purchasing a customized Rolex, buyers must be careful. Moreover, customization is only desirable in so far as the work is superficial; while it is perfectly fine to have high-quality non-Rolex parts on the outside of a Rolex, if non-Rolex parts are used to replace mechanical components inside of the watch, in the watch’s movement, that watch is no longer a true Rolex, runs a high risk of permanently breaking, and loses all value beyond that of its materials.

At A&E Watches, we pride ourselves in offering a unique selection of pre-owned customized Rolexes. Through the expert watch technicians in our in-house service center, we can guarantee that every customized Rolex in our showroom is in top condition, only using reliable parts of the highest quality, and never including internal modifications that could damage the movement of the watch. By offering customized Rolexes, we present customers with more selection than they could find through shopping for new Rolexes alone. While Rolex may not recognize customized watches as “true” Rolexes, A&E Watches (and plenty of Rolex collectors world-wide) do, and each customized Rolex comes with our five-year service warranty, guaranteeing quality and authenticity.

Rolexes, when properly maintained, last a lifetime, and grow in value significantly. A customized Rolex, sporting diamond embellishments, for example, has added value for its unique, luxurious additions, and its rarity. Don’t be limited by the standard options available with brand-new Rolexes; our selection of pre-owned, customized Rolexes offers another world of variety, style, and expression, which can mean the difference between finding a Rolex, and finding your Rolex

Customization 1

Print our Repair Form, fill it out, and include it in your shipment. Click & Print Repair Form

Pack your watch for repair as outlined on the repair form and ship the watch with any currier of your choosing.

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We’ll contact you as soon as we receive the watch, and again after we get an estimate for repair from our Technicians.

The Repair Center is located in the Gift Center in the SOMA District of San Francisco. The Gift Center & Jewelry Mart is a secure building. Please call ahead to schedule a drop off or pick up of your watch.

Please, do NOT send your watch in for repair without phoning or emailing the A&E Watches. Also include your full contact information along with the package/shipment so we can contact you should we have any questions.